The smiling face of a femme with curly brown hair and glasses wearing a flower crown.

Willa Blythe

Queer + Speculative Fiction Writer

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The Summer Solstice is coming, and with it, the hottest days of the year for Clan Foxfire. When Honeycomb, resident Water Tender and moongatherer, is chosen to bring offerings to the Moon in exchange for cooler days and longer nights, no one is more surprised than she is. With the help of the Clan's most favorite daughter, Pomegranate, Honeycomb must make the journey to Moon's Rest and face her fear of the sun. When disaster strikes, can Honeycomb overcome the trauma she carries with her? Or will history repeat itself?Moongatherer is an original lunarpunk novelette released by Duck Prints Press! This queer science fantasy is available only in eBook form on the DPP website.

Something in the Water

Merrily Shire has seen her life stagnate to the slowest drip while working at her aunt's coffee shop, and even the little magic she gets to work for customers doesn't relieve the aching boredom of her days. But when beautiful and mysterious Thea comes to her for aid, Merrily isn't sure she can offer what Thea needs. A heartwarming short about recovery, healing, and trusting in your own magic.Add Magic to Taste was Duck Prints Press' debut anthology, featuring fluffy magical coffee shop stories that truly capture that cottagecore softness.


Dr. Margot Allison is determined to make Victoria habitable and give the people of Earth a new home. But every native plant is lethal to humans, and even the seeds she brought with her are stunted and toxic after being exposed to Victoria's water, air, and soil. When experiment after experiment fails, and lives are on the line, Margot must turn somewhere unexpected for the answer to her fundamental question: what can we do when we have destroyed the home that was designed to sustain us?Brave New Worlds from Zombies Need Brains LLC is an anthology of stories about humanity's reach for the stars, and was funded by Kickstarter in 2021. It is available from the ZNB webstore as well as other major booksellers.

The Brightshadow Curse Breaker

Lyric of the Lightest Step is determined to track down the Brightshadow Beast and end its reign of terror over the nights of the Asteracea Dominion--so determined that she is barely present for her days. But when her only true friend, Saffron, announces they must marry a prince to protect the Dominion from the Beast, Lyric realizes just how much the Brightshadow curse rules her life.Duck Prints Press' third anthology is actually part of a matched set. She Wears the Midnight Crown features stories about women who love women, or woman-aligned folks. He Bears the Cape of Stars features stories about men who love men & man-aligned folks. Both anthologies subvert the masquerade trope, telling stories about masks in society that are innovative and unexpected.

I've been fortunate enough to work with some great independent presses who have done amazing things for and with my work. If you're a creator and want to start publishing, small presses like Duck Prints Press and Zombies Need Brains give fresh faces a chance in the otherwise unforgiving world of fiction publication.And when you have the opportunity, buy directly from those presses instead of Amazon. Shopping small supports us all. <3

About the Author

The smiling face of a femme with curly brown hair and glasses wearing a flower crown.

Willa Blythe writes queer and speculative fiction from her home in the lower Hudson River Valley. She grew up in east Texas a voracious reader and passionately persistent writer, and though she's taken breaks from the page here and there, she never lost her love for it. Willa is a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association (SWFA).Behind the pen, Willa is a geeky, dramatic, neurodiverse lesbian of noncommittal gender identity. She's a single mother, a trauma survivor, and an avid treat-apologist.

Tags and Warnings

I believe strongly in giving readers the tools they need to safely interact with my work. While some of my publications have published tags & warnings lists, others don't. I've created this page to act as a resource for all my works.

angst; emotional hurt/comfort; off-screen death of a sibling; dealing with grief; PTSD; lost identity; climate crisis; environmentalism; friends-to-lovers; lunarpunk; science fantasy; non-human character; spirituality; romance

mild angst; emotional hurt/comfort; off-screen death of a parent; dealing with grief; depression; lost identity; Black character; fat character; environmentalism; fluff; coffee shop; magic user; non-human character; humor; romance

tense situations; environmentalism; references to off-screen character death; isolation; science fantasy; questions of humanity; climate change; happy ending

mild angst; arranged marriage; royal character; best friends to lovers; emotional hurt/comfort; fantasy; first kiss; lesbian character; nonbinary character; magic user; memory loss; mistaken identity; non-human character;

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